Saving for Retirement

Saving for our retirement is something that we will all try to do but in doing so, we should ensure that we are doing it in such a way as to give us the best return for our money when it comes time for us to retire. For this reason a gold 401k rollover is becoming increasingly popular. This is where someone that has a regular 401K wants to switch it to a Gold IRA. The main difference between the two is that the regular 401k will depend on the stock market for any profits. This means that the fund managers basically gamble with your savings in the hope that they will be able to make a profit by the time you come to retire. Of course though, they do not just gamble with your savings but they also charge you fees for doing so. Of course the difference between having a 401k and just investing in the stock market is that with a 401K you get some great tax benefits but they do still depend on the stock market doing well in order to provide a profit. There have been times of course, like in the financial crisis of 2010 when many 401Ks being cashed, actually experienced a loss in their overall savings. A Gold IRA on the other hand does not rely on the stock market for any profits, as all investments are made in holdings of gold or other precious metals. These metals of course, are not physically held by you but your agent must arrange somewhere for them to be kept. Gold and precious metals may be a little volatile when it comes to value but they are nowhere near as volatile as stocks and in the longer term, precious metals continue to increase in value. A Gold IRA is also subject to the same tax breaks as 401Ks and in some instances can receive even more lenient treatment from the IRS. As with anything though, there are rules that apply to Gold IRAs and these rules must be strictly adhered to or else be subject to some hefty penalties. It is therefore very important that before you switch your savings to a Gold IRA, you are fully aware of any restrictions there may be. The reason for this is that some agents may have their own best interests in mind and so buy some collectable gold coins which rules do not allow as part of a gold IRA. By doing this, the agent may make some good profit but it will be you whose funds it is, that will face the wrath of the IRS, not the agent. Having said that though, many people today are switching to Gold IRAs and are happy that they have done so, enjoying more peace of mind as Gold and precious metals are perhaps the ideal investment for retirement as they provide a steady profit regardless of how long you may be saving and precious metals do not really ever, lose their value.