The Key Dates Of The Famous And Valuable Morgan Dollars

All over the world, many people are collecting things that are simply valuable to them. For others, collection of coins is a way by which they can show their nature as serious investors while to other people out there, the collection of rare and valuable coins simply loves their aesthetic. And of the many different kinds of rare and valuable coins out there particularly in the United States of America, the Morgan Dollars happens to be one of the most popular. As a matter of fact, the popularity of such kind of coin has triggered many online businessmen to sell them on their sites.

When Was the First Morgan Dollars Minted?

The very first dollars that had the name Morgan on them were first minted sometime in 1878 and this was held in Cason City, New Orleans and Philadelphia. It was in the year 1921 when these coins were minted in Denver, Colorado. You might be wondering how this coin got its name and for your information, it was the chief engraver of the United States Mint whose name was George Morgan where this coin got its name. The features of this coin come in the following manners: the obverse has the face of the Lady Liberty while on the reverse an eagle with arrows and an olive branch are seen. Unlike any of the coins that are widely circulated these days, the Morgan coins are almost pure in composition simply because a single coin is merely composed of ninety percent silver and ten percent copper.

Morgan Dollars: the Price

Morgan Dollars over the past three years, the price of the silver content of these coins has dramatically increased, thus making these coins as excellent and valuable investments. But in case you are not aware, the value and the rarity of these coins are actually determined by the key dates which were engraved on them. As a matter of fact, the earlier the key date is the more value bale the coin becomes. Say for instance, a coin that has been minted in the city of Carson in 1892 can be sold to a price worth thousands of dollars especially when the coin in question is of high grade.

Determining the Key Date of Morgan Dollars

For you to be able to find the key date of a Morgan coin, what you need to do is to look on the reverse side of it, specifically under the eagle figure. Coins that were minted in the city of Carson usually have CC initials while the ones minted in New Orleans and San Francisco has O and S respectively. Each coin has its own corresponding value and such values can be seen on the book of old American coins.

The Key Dates

The following are the key dates of the Morgan Coins: 1904S, 1903S, 1896S, 1895S, 1895O, 1893O, 1892S, 1888S, 1886S, etc.

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